The Dreamer

    The Dreamer is the world's first Grinder that stores, shreds, mixes and dispenses different herbs - 

    in one device.






    The Key locks the pollen in the secret stash - the ideal place to hide the treasure




    The Stamp pushes the content inside the Heart where it gets ground




    The Lid separates and seals different strains from each other




    The Flower has 6 individual chambers to store different herbs




    The Heart, made of a  lower and upper aluminium blade, breaks up the material without effort and enables  the user to control the size of the shredded herbs




    The Funnel dispenses  the ground material straight where it belongs, without producing a  mess. The transparent funnel shows the content inside




    The measuring Cap keeps the consumption under control, the fingers clean and seals the Dreamer




    The multifunctional Pipe is a tool that eliminates papers and filters and easily fills an empty cone